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MA. Bart Theodoor Hogebrink


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• Name: Bart Hogebrink
• Date of Birth: March 25, 1978  ·  Birthplace: Amsterdam
• Sex: man  ·  Marital status: Single  ·  Nationality: Dutch
• Adress: Voorburgstraat 29-4  ·  1059 TW Amsterdam

• Driver's licence: Yes (B)

Bart Hogebrink


Master Social Science and Informatics (SWI) · University of Amsterdam (UvA) · August 2007

Intensive Spanish Course · Delibes, Salamanca, Spain · July 1999
Propedeuse Image and Media Technology (BMT)  ·  School of Arts, Utrecht (HKU)  ·  April 1999

Pre-university education (VWO), 8 subjects · Reformed Lyceum South (HLZ) · June 1997


• March 2014 – present   ·  Owner Meminder BV  ·  (www.meminder.nl)
According to the the World Health Organization therapy malcompliance is the largest problem in healthcare. The Meminder is a system to remind patients when to take their medication. At the AMC Expert Meeting this idea won the Pontes Medical Best Company Pitch Award 2014 and the plan reached the top 10 of the NewVenture businessplan contest 2014 in the category MedTech.

December 2008 - present   ·  Chairman & Secretary of the FoodFactory Foundation  ·  (www.foodfactoryfoundation.org)
To realize the concept of the FoodFactory, I establihed an organization together with Henk van Deventer (senior researcher at TNO and treasurer of the Food Factory Foundation).

November 2007 present   ·  Inventor / Owner Inivention B.V.  ·  (www.inivention.nl)
Inventing has been my hobby for many years, so I became member of Dutch Association of Inventors (NOVU). Shortly after graduating, I participated with the innovation contest organized by the TNO 'Not Invented Yet ". When my idea for addressing hunger in the Third World, the Food Factory won first prize , I decided to make inventing my profession.

• November 2007 – heden   ·  Owner Beamer Rental Amsterdam  ·  (www.beamerverhuuramsterdam.nl)
While the purchase prices of projectors had fallen sharply in recent years, rent costs remained very high. I decided to rent out projectors for significantly lower prices than the competition. There was indeed a lot of demand for this.

March 2005 October 2007   ·  Account- and Projectmanager / Co-owner Elph Solutions B.V.
Elph Solutions BV was established when InterCast.nl and HPMG Marketing decided to join forces. The experience of HPMG marketing combined with the knowledge of information technology within InterCast.nl created a powerful basis for the implementation of large projects. In my role as account and projectmanager I focused on designing concepts and solutions, and guided the development.

November 2002 present  · Co-owner InterCast.nl  ·  (www.intercast.nl)
During my period at Nethics I came in contact with the industry of modeling and casting agencies. It struck me how little use was made ​​here of modern communication technology such as email and SMS. Together with two friends I took on the challenge of streamlining the entire communication between producers, agencies and their people. The result was a platform for multiple casting agencies, so producers had a wide choice in choosing their actors, models, and crew, while we the casting and modeling had a highly advanced service to offering to their clients. We could count reputable casting and modeling agencies such as Dutch Casting Agency, AFT Group and anti-models to our clientele.

October 2000 May 2001  ·  Art Director & Associate Nethics VOF
Nethics was an Internet company that specialized in the technology behind the Internet (Java, ASP, database links, e-commerce). However, they lacked someone with a specialization in the design of stylish and user friendly websites. So I was asked te become assicuate and Art Director.

July 1998 - present  ·  Owner NEXTYLE Productions  ·  (www.nextyle.nl)
Because my work as a graphic designer of New Media became ever more serious, I decided to professionalize my work by setting up my own company. As an illustrator for Newformation I produced commercials for companies like CMG, Cosmopolitan, Elsevier, Intermediair and Syntens. Also I produced educational computer animations for a CD-Rom for Spectrum. For the ISP Right! Visuals, I designed interfaces for KPN, Parcom ventures, and the WE Young Parents magazine.

January 1998 - July 1999  ·  Art director, Newformation
Newformation was a startup company with the ambition of developing an interactive school television medium. For this they placed televisions in canteens of colleges and universities, on which a computercontrolled program of news, notices and advertisements were shown. I was asked to become the artdirector for this medium. On June 23, 1998, Newformation won the Life-Wire business Startup Award for best innovative starter, and reached more than 100,000 students daily.


In 1995, I discovered the graphical possibilities of the computer. Shortly after, graphic design became my main hobby and work. When I became director of InterCast.nl and account- and project manager at Elph Solutions, my work became more focused at business management.

I have a lot of experience with the following programs: MS Office, Adobe Photoshop, After-Effects, Premiere, Indesign, Dreamweaver and SoundForge.

I have some knowledge of Adobe Illustrator, Flash, 3DStudio and HTML.


I am fluent in the Dutch and English language. Moreover I master the German reasonably well and French and Spanish moderately.